Different Ways to Bring Joy in Summer Wedding


Summer weddings are charming because they allow guests to enjoy each other’s company without worrying too much about the weather. However, dancing under the stars on a cool, warm evening and completing the night with a sparkler send-off. However, summer is also a popular season for marriage proposals.

Trends on wedding days come and go, but one thing remains similar over the years: one of the most common reasons to be married is still the summer.

Here, We will discuss the different ways to bring joy to a summer wedding.

Treat Guests to a Gelato Cart for Ordering Your Desired Flavor

Hire a gelato cart to bring a romantic atmosphere into the summer wedding. You may love the look of a push cart, mini car, or any other automobile to deliver this delightful dessert. Your guests will love ordering their orderly or in the flavored wedding couple’s gelato cart, sourced from the city’s best shop. It adds a sweet and cool dimension to their festivities, capturing the essence of a summer day. The couple selected the tastes with care to delight the palate and convey the feeling of a summer day.

Decide a Pastel Color Wedding Theme

A Pastel theme is another summer wedding idea. Pastels may be associated with the spring, but they work for any season, including summer. Generate a romantic world with soft and delicate shades of purple, blue, pink, yellows, peach, etc.

Add pastel touches to save the dates, invitations, food, decor, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and favours, and create romantic centrepieces. Use pastels in sandwiches, dessert tables, and groomsmen’s suspenders.

Select Fantastic Decor

Select those essentials that suggest the spirit of summer. To create a festive ambience, hang lanterns, colourful bunting, and fairy lights. Use organic elements like driftwood, starfish, and seashells for a beach-themed wedding.

Add fresh flowers, fruits, and colorful centerpieces for additional pops of colour and fragrance to the entire arrangement.

Ground Your Boutonnieres in Ferns and Greenery

Ferns can be found in forests and grown as houseplants, which the stunning Berkshire Mountains may surround. They were the perfect option for your wedding destination. After deciding on ferns and wispy greenery, you can add flowers that complement the bridesmaid palette above.

Celebrate With Self-Serve Gelato and Rainbow Sprinkles

Why not allow guests to serve themselves at a truly laid-back wedding? Provide a self-serve gelato station on the location with a variety of flavours. The interactive dessert station is sure to delight guests.

Keep the sprinkles in mind! Topping ice cream with a rainbow-covered dessert is a wonderful way to bring colour to your special day. Also, the pictures of everyone wearing cones will be very popular on social media.

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Think about a Boho Theme Party

Bohemian wedding themes perform freedom of appearance. They are inclined to have an artsy, hippie, and adventurous ambience. You may create a bohemian ambience at your wedding by carrying a moment of nature into your decor.

Earthy weddings feature wildflowers, natural materials, natural tones, retro wicker chairs, and wicker placemats on tables for an honest, inviting atmosphere.

Organize Fun Outdoor Activities in the Lovely Weather

Take benefit of the lovely weather by including fun outdoor activities on your wedding day. Organize lawn games like croquet or giant Jenga to cheer your guests during fusion hour. Organize an outside photo booth with summer-themed props to capture delightful moments. You may even request an ice cream truck to deliver refreshments to your guests on your wedding day.