How to Choose the Right Custom Cardboard Boxes

The Custom Boxes

Challenges are part of the life of a business holder. Coping them wisely is necessary for the better survival and growth of your brand. One such aspect is the selection of the most appropriate packaging boxes for your products. While selecting custom boxes packaging, you might need to consider various factors. These may include its protection ability during handling, displaying, and transportation, its power to showcase your unique branding, and its capability to display an unforgettable presentation. Another factor that matters a lot is your budget consideration. Opting for the right custom cardboard boxes can fulfill all these requirements at the same time. In this article, we will explore essential factors to consider when choosing the right custom cardboard boxes for your product packaging.

Custom Cardboard Boxes:

These are cartons or containers that are specially designed and produced from cardboard material to hold various products securely. Their utilization for various purposes makes them famous in businesses of all sizes and types. The cardboard material of these boxes supports customization and provides a myriad of benefits to brands. Custom boxes logo plays an important role in creating brand identity.

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Important Consideration While Choosing the Right Custom Cardboard Boxes:

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1. Understand Your Product:

Before diving into the process of selecting custom cardboard boxes for your business, you need to develop a deep understanding of your product. For this, consider the following aspects:

a) Dimensions:

Before opting for a box for your products, first measure the dimensions of your product. Select the box accordingly that can encase it comfortably. The selected packaging box should properly fit the product to prevent damage during transportation and storage by constraining unnecessary movement.

b) Weight:

Different products have different weights. So, it is necessary to select a box that is strong enough to hold the product securely. Cardboard boxes come in a variety of types. Choose the one that can better bear the weight. In short, your box won’t open up while handling it. If it can bear the weight properly it will not collapse.

c) Fragility:

Fragile items need additional protective features. It may include inserts, padding, or cushioning within the box. So, if you are selling delicate items like perfume bottles, consider the use of a box that can protect them in a better way. However, a snugly fit corrugated cardboard box is a suitable choice for such delicate items.

d) Shape:

To stand out in the competitive market, it is necessary to bring innovation in terms of product shape. For example, make an eyeshadow palette in the shape of eyes to attract customers. To provide enhanced protection, it is better to place them in custom cardboard boxes of the same shape. In short, your box should accommodate the specific form of your items.

1. Choose the Right Quality of Cardboard Material:

Material matters a lot in protecting and presenting your products in a mesmerizing way. Below are some common types of cardboard materials you should consider:

a) Corrugated Cardboard:

A box made up of corrugated cardboard is ideal for protecting and shipping products. This is because such boxes are sturdy and can be customized the way you want. They support various printing options to enhance the overall aesthetics. These are available in different types

Single-Wall Corrugated Cardboard:

It is suitable for lightweight products. It resembles traditional cardboard. It contains a single layer of corrugation. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and flexible packaging material.

Double-Wall Corrugated Cardboard:

This type features a double layer of corrugation. It has enhanced durability as compared to single-wall corrugated cardboard. The greater stacking strength of boxes made of this type makes them suitable for heavier items.  

Triple-Wall Corrugated Cardboard:

It is the most robust type of corrugated cardboard. It features a triple layer of corrugation. This type has maximum durability and strength. Choose triple-wall corrugated cardboard material for making boxes that are meant for packaging heavier items.  


This is a thicker and more durable form of paper or cardboard. It is ideal for small and lightweight products, including jewelry or cosmetics. Boxes made up of cardstock are inexpensive and businesses of all sizes can easily afford them.

2. Design and Branding:

Your boxes are not only protective containers for a range of your products; they are the blank canvas for your brand. They allow you to create a memorable and unique design that reflects the brand identity. Consideration of the following design elements helps you to utilize this canvas effectively for showcasing your branding.

a) Brand Logo and Colors:

 Incorporate your brand logo and colors to ensure brand consistency.

b) Graphics and Imagery:

Utilization of vivid and sharp visuals can help you convey the real purpose of your products and create an emotional link between you and your potential customers.

c) Typography:

It is very important to choose legible fonts. Moreover, your selected typography on the boxes should reflect the tone and personality of your brand.

3. Sustainability:

In today’s world where sustainability is a growing concern, you need to choose eco-friendly boxes to better resonate with eco-conscious customers.

a)      Select recycled cardboard materials.

b)      Reduce the need for excess packaging, minimize waste, and use minimalistic designs.

c)       Teach your customers how to responsibly dispose of or recycle the packaging.

4.   Functionality:

Don’t only opt for the visually appealing box. The right box is considered the one that strikes the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Here are some considerations:

a) Ease of Opening and Closing:

Ensure that your customers can access their purchased products without difficulty.

b) Security:

Choose packaging that secures your products during shipping and prevents tampering.

c) Stacking and storage:

If your products will be stored on shelves, consider how the packaging will fit and stack efficiently.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the right custom cardboard boxes for your product is a crucial aspect of any business. This article will help you to make an informed decision about selecting the most appropriate box for you. However, your box should have a delicate equilibrium between sustainability and aesthetics, form and function, and cost and quality. By thoroughly understanding your product needs, opting for complementing designs, and embracing functionality, you can make a fruitful decision that you never have to regret.