First week of your Invisalign journey and few important tricks and tips


When you choose Invisalign you are on the right track to achieve an attractive smile and a healthy bite that aligns properly. In the initial phase of your journey with these aligner trays an adjustment period is obvious. Thankfully there are means and strategies to make this transition smoother and somewhat faster. In the following sections of this post let us explore few such strategies to make your life easier with these orthodontic appliances right from the word go.

Keep track of the time you are wearing the aligner trays each day

It is expected that you will take the removable aligners trays off the teeth 4 to 6 times a day. It is easy to lose track of time how long you are not wearing the aligners. Invisalign has only a single significant compliance – you must wear the aligners minimum 20 to 22 hours a day. When you lost track of time of either wearing or not wearing your aligners you easily deny the compliance. The good thing is there are lots of apps readily available these days to track your tray time assure dentists working at a renowned practice in London that launches some of the best Invisalign deals from time to time. This makes it easier to keep wearing the aligner trays at least 20 to 22 hours a day and secured desired and timely results from the treatment.

Take proper care of your aligners

When you are on Invisalign journey you switch over to a new set of aligner trays every two weeks. But still it is important to take the right care of these appliances. When you take the right care of your aligners, the appliances can perform the tasks assigned on them properly. Now the point is how to take proper care of your Invisalign aligner trays. Here are rare tried and tested tips.

  • Keep your aligners clean – It is important to keep the aligners clean. It is better if you clean these trays yourself. Clean them every day with any clear liquid soap. Make sure no abrasive element is present in the cleaner. You may use lukewarm water for better cleaning. Avoid scratching and scrubbing the tray surfaces. Alternatively you may get a special aligner tray cleaning solution from your dentist or Invisalign provider. Clean the trays after a meal , rinse it well and brush the teeth  before wearing those back on. 
  • Store your aligner trays safely – When you are on Invisalign you must always carry the retainer cases with your everywhere. The cases are small enough to fit into your purse and thus you also have a safe place to keep your aligner trays when you are not using those. Do not ever leave your aligners on a napkin because accidentally you may unmindfully throw those away afterwards. Never leave the aligner trays in the car. The heat may deform the trays and your custom fitted aligners may not fit on your teeth as tightly as those should.
  • Wear and remove your aligners in the proper way – Whenever you are wearing or removing the aligner trays you should apply an even pressure on both sides using the fingers. Make sure the appliance snaps into place. You should never try to bite the trays into the right position. These clear thermoplastic appliances though durable are also pretty sensitive and may get warped or damaged pretty easily.

Singing is the best way to help you overcome the lisp in your speech

The aligner trays are likely to feel out of place in your mouth at least for the whole first week. During this time you may develop a temporary lisp in your speech. To overcome this lisp one of the best ways is to sing out loud. This provides sufficient movement for the tongue to adapt itself with the appliances. Moreover it also makes your tongue learn how to pronounce each word correctly once again. Things will easily fall into place automatically within a few days and so you will forget about wearing the trays on your teeth assures a dentist renowned for offering some of the best Invisalign deals in London.

Your tongue needs protection

During the initial stages the edges of the aligner trays are likely to feel little abrasive for the tongue. Although this issue will automatically smoothen out in a few days but still it is better to use little dental wax to cover up any rough patch on your appliance. Dental wax is readily available over the counter at chemist shops. Swishing the mouth with medicated mouthwash also helps overcome the problem along with healing. This range of mouthwash is also available over the counter at chemist shops. Usually this variety of mouthwashes is meant to treat minor wounds in the mouth and canker sores. 

Practice sound oral hygiene habits

There is no orthodontic treatment that does not encourage sound oral hygiene habits like proper brushing and flossing along with professional cleaning of the teeth and Invisalign is no exception. When you practice these habits from the beginning your smile not only looks but also feels great once your Invisalign journey comes to an end opines an orthodontist who launches some of the best Invisalign deals near me in London from time to time.  

Achieving a straight, beautiful and healthy smile is not difficult when you follow the tips above. 

But there are certain factors that are known to affect your treatment plan. It is important that you are aware about some of those factors as well.

Your treatment plan and the factors that affect it

  • The severity of misalignment in your teeth – If you suffer from severe levels of malocclusion of the teeth, in that case your teeth are likely to take a longer time to sink into correct alignment. The good part about Invisalign is it can also treat even the most severe malocclusions provided there is a sound treatment plan. 
  • Shape of your tooth – The shape of your tooth also plays a role in speeding up your treatment process. Teeth that erupt at unique angles or have unique shapes usually move fast than the rest. 

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