Zoomee – A Trailblazer in Digital Communication

Zoomer refers to Generation Z – those born between the mid 1990s and early 2010s – who strive to find their place among society, yet embrace individualism as part of being who they are.

Firms can reduce manual work by reading receipt notices and updating foreign national data and case status in INSZoom, uploading documents directly into a case level Documents menu and reading receipt notices for reading purposes.

Product Description

Zoomee is an industry leader in digital communication, uniting FaceTime’s live video calling features with Facebook status updates and group messaging prowess of WhatsApp to deliver one intuitive package for both professionals, families and students alike. Zoomee also features tools like file sharing and effortless screen sharing to improve productivity and connectivity between devices.

As part of its functions, Zoomee reads government notices and updates the INSZoom application with foreign national and case updates, uploads these notices into documents menu at case profiles, then delivers daily summary and transaction reports directly to users without direct user involvement – this happens invisibly without direct visual interaction requiring document scanning setup, internet connectivity and availability to review errors, corrections or new unidentified documents from INSZoom Zoomee team – an agreed upon internal customer time slot can be chosen for review sessions with them as part of this service agreement between customer and customer as part of an internal agreement within customer and general time slots can be selected during which this takes place allowing all user involvement as possible for efficient data management purposes.

Product Features

Zoomee effortlessly uploads documents in an application in the background without user interaction or visibility; to check on this activity however, refer to Govt Notice Update Log Report from INSZoom Reports for updates on your document uploads done through Zoomee.

Zoomee reads Government Notice files uploaded via SFTP and updates them into the INSZoom Application to maintain accurate Foreign National records and Case Status updates, while simultaneously updating receipt notice details at Case Profile level.